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Who’s answering the call?

May 2013

In talking to many clients over the years, there is one part of their business that some often lose sight of.  The Intake process.

Our clients are always looking and wanting more calls, emails & cases from their marketing campaigns – but are those inquiries correctly handled once the hard fought marketing battle is won?

Not always.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have friendly, warm greeters answering the phone? Do you have someone available to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Are the Lawyers picking up the phone to call back from emails promptly, or are they sitting on those inquiries?  Does the firm have a formalized intake process?  Are you missing out on those big cases, because that one prospective client has moved on to the firm that DID answer the call?

Remember, these are injured victims.  They feel hurt, emotional, and want their story to be heard.

When it is an email – or chat – the consumer expects virtually immediate response (especially during office hours).

Here’s what one of our most successful clients has to say on the subject, “We treat every person who comes to us for help as if they have a case with us.  Whether they do today doesn’t matter – one day they MAY need us and we want to be sure they remember us and our firm – and call us when it really DOES matter.  That person may have a mother, a father, a friend or close relative that runs into trouble and does need our help too.  We take the time to make sure they know we really do care about them and can help them win – and we do.  That is our philosophy”.

Great words of advice.  Strive to give the impression that your firm is the best at being able to help that injured victim navigate the stressful and unknown of a Personal Injury matter – and make them feel as though you are the answer to their call.

Don’t let the next firm take your case.  You have minutes, not hours.

Paige Gore

Director of Client Services, Big VooDoo Interactive

Get Cases, NOT JUST Clicks