Social Media – Why It’s So Important to Engage with Your Community

Mar 2014

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we firmly believe in using any online tool necessary to boost a client’s online presence.  Without question, social media is one of the powerful tools in our box. We assist clients in setting up and managing their social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Why Does a Law Firm Need Social Media?

Social media allows people to engage with your law firm in a personalized way.  Why does that matter? A Facebook post or a “tweet” might lead to a comment from an injury victim or family member who has a potential multi-million dollar case. Your “status update” might prompt a positive comment from a current or former client, which can be a deciding factor for a consumer who is on the fence about contacting you. Social media also is a way to address any customer service issues. You can set the record straight if somebody posts a negative comment.

The Upsides of Social Media

  • Search engine optimization: Whether we are promoting your latest blog about the dangers of drunk driving or we are highlighting a partner’s latest achievement, we know that a “like,” a comment or even a simple click through to the article will send a strong message to search engines. It’s a message that says you are relevant and an authority in your field.  Google rewards businesses that have active social media accounts with higher page rankings.
  • Customer engagement: We also use social media to promote your interests, either professional or personal. While your website is packed with information and might include some personal details in your bio page, social media is the way to get up-close-and-personal with former, current and future clients. Whether you are running in a marathon, your office is throwing a Halloween party, or your firm is sponsoring an anti-texting-while-driving campaign, we can make it part of the social media conversation.  Photos of the office party or a picture of a senior partner training for a 5K race create a strong human connection to a potential client who is scanning your social media pages.
  • Generating leads: Remember, whether it’s the post about your personal hobby or the update about your firm’s philanthropic effort, you never know what might be the tidbit that converts an on-the-fence visitor into a qualified lead.
  • Building loyalty: Loyalty to your brand should never be underestimated, and social media can enhance this. Your former clients may “like” you on Facebook or share an update showing those amusing Halloween photos, which creates more visibility for your firm.  Social media allows you to broadcast your values and shine a light on your personality.  You may be able to share a heart-warming story from a former client whose life was improved thanks to your work on his or her case.
  • Getting your message across: You may want to add a quick status update stating your opinion about a new law in your state.  Or you may want to post a link to a video on YouTube in which you discuss a recent verdict or settlement.  Social media lets you get the message across quickly and allows you to start a conversation.

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