Social Media & Your Law Firm

Aug 2012

Socialize thy self—with a little (but very vital) help from your friends at BVI.

What can you do to help directly with your law firm marketing? Get social. That is, post legal practice social media marketing messages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and any other outlets you’d like to leverage. Then watch your law practice grow.

It’s a remarkably beneficial thing you or a staff member can do personally for your firm, but only if handled right.  BVI will help you get it right–every step of the way.

Let’s face it, the technical side of setting up personal injury social media accounts properly and understanding how to use them can be confusing.  Correctly configuring different types of accounts so that you can begin moving forward with effective social media campaigns can be technically intimidating without a savvy partner to make it painless and efficient (that’s us).

That’s right—you don’t have to go it alone in order to directly participate in your firm’s marketing.  BVI not only sets everything up, you’ll then have a dedicated Account Manager who will provide ongoing online law firm marketing support, by training you and holding your hand through the whole process.  We’ll show you what to link to, what keyword terms to focus on based on your practice areas and what you can get behind in your community to broaden your law firm’s social online presence. And when you’re ready, we can amp up your social media campaigns even further by producing powerful monthly personal injury law blogs and legal practice videos to add to your online marketing impact.

The invaluable part you bring to the table is knowing what’s relevant to consumers in your market: personal injury victims, ex-customers of former clients who periodically look at what’s going on at your firm, movers and shakers in local events, etc.

What resonates most for them are topics that are innately familiar to you as a seasoned personal injury lawyer in your region and which come intuitively to people inside your firm.  There may already be somebody on staff who—like a duck to water—is a well-versed social media user and who would be great at keeping your law firm social media wheels well-oiled. You’ll be building your branding power and your practice with each Tweet, FB, Google+ and LinkedIn post he or she gleefully launches into the ether.

So don’t be intimidated & don’t procrastinate—contact BVI now. Once we combine forces with your team’s “chatty Kathy”, it’ll be like throwing your law firm a social media party, every day!


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